Tutto bene Delicatessen
Tutto bene Delicatessen
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BBQ Marinated Meats

Chicken Breast Boneless Marinated
Rs.440.00 - Rs.880.00
Chicken Drumstick Marinated
Rs.320.00 - Rs.640.00
Chicken Legs Marinated
Rs.290.00 - Rs.580.00
Chicken Mixed Bone-in Marinated
Chicken Skewers Marinated
Rs.440.00 - Rs.880.00
Chicken Steaks Marinated
Rs.440.00 - Rs.880.00
Chicken Thighs Marinated
Rs.320.00 - Rs.640.00
Chicken Wings Marinated
Rs.260.00 - Rs.520.00
Pork Chops Marinated
Rs.900.00 - Rs.1,800.00
Pork Ribs Marinated
Mutton Chops Marinated
Rs.1,050.00 - Rs.2,100.00
Prawn Skewers Marinated
Rs.570.00 - Rs.1,040.00

New in this Week

Makino Nacho Chips 200g
Chilean Blueberries
Rs.340.00 - Rs.1,360.00
Cocktail Baba Mocktails
Rs.59.00 - Rs.354.00
Fluffy Jiggly Japanese Cheesecake
Rs.269.00 - Rs.899.00
Belgium Chocolate Cheesecake Slice
Rs.249.00 - Rs.2,259.00
Exquisite New York Cheesecake Slice
Rs.225.00 - Rs.2,059.00
Triple Ripple Cheesecake Slice
Rs.269.00 - Rs.2,309.00
Traditional Korean Kimchi
Rs.250.00 - Rs.1,000.00
Fresh Tofu
Rs.115.00 - Rs.290.00

Quick Order Meats

Almirez Pork Bacon 1kg
Rs.500.00 - Rs.1,000.00
Peking Duck (2 - 2.2 Kg)
Rs.1,260.00 - Rs.1,390.00
Chicken Boneless Breast Without Skin
Rs.250.00 - Rs.530.00
Whole Chicken Skinless
Rs.165.00 - Rs.405.00
Chicken Thighs
Rs.220.00 - Rs.440.00
Chicken Leg Boneless Without Skin
Rs.205.00 - Rs.410.00
Chicken Full Leg Pieces Without Skin
Rs.180.00 - Rs.360.00
Chicken Wings
Rs.150.00 - Rs.290.00
Chicken Drumsticks With Skin
Rs.180.00 - Rs.360.00
Chicken Minced Keema
Rs.290.00 - Rs.580.00
Pork Mince 500g
Rs.600.00 - Rs.1,200.00
Pork Tenderloin Boneless
Rs.600.00 - Rs.1,200.00
Pork Shoulder
Rs.450.00 - Rs.900.00
Pork Spare Ribs 1kg
Goat Mutton Chops
Rs.495.00 - Rs.990.00
Goat Mutton Keema Minced
Rs.495.00 - Rs.990.00
Goat Mutton Mixed Pieces
Rs.495.00 - Rs.990.00

Quick Order Fresh Seafood

Rs.200.00 - Rs.220.00
Black Pomfret Halwa
Rs.1,090.00 - Rs.1,110.00
Bombay Duck Bombil
Carp Rohu Rui Tapra
Rs.230.00 - Rs.250.00
Chinese Pomfret
Rs.1,200.00 - Rs.2,030.00
Rs.1,900.00 - Rs.4,620.00
Out of stock
Pink Perch RaniOut of stock
Fresh Medium Prawns
Rawas Indian Salmon
Out of stock
SardinesOut of stock
Rs.340.00 - Rs.370.00
Out of stock
ScampiOut of stock
Sea Bass Barramundi Bhetki
Rs.180.00 - Rs.720.00
South Asian Carp Catla
Rs.370.00 - Rs.740.00
Surmai Seer Fish King Fish
Rs.1,110.00 - Rs.1,450.00
Tilapia Chilapi
Rs.50.00 - Rs.190.00
Silver Pomfret
Rs.1,000.00 - Rs.1,550.00
Tuna Kera Chura

Quick Order Cold Cuts

Almirez Pork Bacon Block
Rs.475.00 - Rs.4,620.00
Almirez Turkey York Ham
Rs.480.00 - Rs.6,690.00
Bauwens BBQ Shoulder Ham
Rs.520.00 - Rs.7,710.00
Beretta Pepperoni Spicy Salami Napoli
Rs.740.00 - Rs.2,300.00
Beretta Prosciutto Crudo PGI
Rs.340.00 - Rs.2,870.00
D'autore Salami Milano
Rs.765.00 - Rs.7,930.00
D'autore Salami Napoli
Rs.790.00 - Rs.8,195.00
D'autore Salsiccia Diavoleta Piccante Extra Spicy Cured Sausage
Out of stock
Elpozo Bacon Slice 150gOut of stock
Elpozo Braised Turkey Breast
Rs.620.00 - Rs.10,030.00
Out of stock
Elpozo Chorizo Slice 80gOut of stock
Elpozo Pork Jamon Serrano Ham
Rs.555.00 - Rs.17,920.00
Elpozo Pork Cooked Ham
Rs.440.00 - Rs.10,050.00
Elpozo Pork Hot Chorizo Extra
Rs.550.00 - Rs.3,630.00
Elpozo Pork Mortadella Siciliana
Rs.380.00 - Rs.4,000.00
Elpozo Pork Mortadella With Olives
Rs.380.00 - Rs.4,000.00
Elpozo Pork Salami
Rs.550.00 - Rs.4,480.00
Elpozo Pork Sandwich Ham
Rs.410.00 - Rs.5,320.00
Elpozo Roast Turkey Breast
Rs.840.00 - Rs.11,760.00
Elpozo Turkey Breast Sandwich Ham
Rs.480.00 - Rs.6,690.00
Elpozo Turkey Chopped Ham
Rs.450.00 - Rs.5,520.00
Elpozo Turkey Ham
Rs.575.00 - Rs.7,040.00
Elpozo Turkey Mortadella
Rs.420.00 - Rs.4,410.00
Elpozo Turkey Mortadella With Olive
Rs.420.00 - Rs.4,410.00
Pirene Hungarian Salami
Rs.475.00 - Rs.4,100.00