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Tutto bene Delicatessen
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Christmas Menu

Chicken Apple Sausages
Rs.725.00 - Rs.1,450.00
Festive Pork Leg Ham Bone-In with Honey Glaze 3.5kg Approx
Rs.565.00 - Rs.4,700.00
Smoked Whole Imported Duck 1.80kg Approx
Rs.3,100.00 - Rs.3,300.00
Pork Cranberry Sausages
Rs.825.00 - Rs.1,650.00
Stuffed Chicken 1.1kg Approx
Rs.1,150.00 - Rs.1,250.00
Roast Stuffed Turkey 4-5kg Approx
Rs.8,200.00 - Rs.15,200.00

Quick Order Imported Pork

Pork Belly Boneless Imported
Rs.1,250.00 - Rs.5,650.00
Pork Chops Imported
Rs.1,260.00 - Rs.2,520.00
Pork Loin Ribs Baby Back Imported
Rs.3,360.00 - Rs.6,720.00

Quick Order Weber Grills

Quick Order Fresh Berries

Rs.575.00 - Rs.4,000.00
USA Driscolls Raspberries
Rs.575.00 - Rs.4,000.00
Dutch Strawberries
Rs.795.00 - Rs.1,500.00
Chilean Blueberries
Rs.290.00 - Rs.550.00
Grandezza Blueberry
Rs.290.00 - Rs.550.00

Quick Order Bob's Red Mill

Quick Order Japanese Products

Quick Order Korean Products

Fish Cake 400g
Green Tea Fed Pork 'Boseong Nokdon' Belly 500g
Rs.1,850.00 - Rs.3,700.00
Green Tea Fed Pork 'Boseong Nokdon' Belly Sliced ​​500g
Rs.1,900.00 - Rs.3,800.00
Green Tea Fed Pork 'Boseong Nok Don' Loin 500g Frozen
Rs.1,100.00 - Rs.2,200.00
Green Tea Fed Pork 'Boseong Nokdon' Rib Frozen
Rs.1,350.00 - Rs.2,700.00
Green Tea Fed Pork 'Boseong Nokdon' Sliced Frozen
Rs.1,050.00 - Rs.2,100.00
Green Tea Fed Pork 'Boseong Nokdon' Sliced ​​Shoulder Rib Frozen
Rs.1,450.00 - Rs.2,900.00