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Tutto bene Delicatessen
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Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood
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Fresh Large Prawns
Rs.450.00 - Rs.900.00
Surmai Seer Fish King Fish Whole
Rs.650.00 - Rs.1,400.00
Rs.350.00 - Rs.695.00
Fresh Medium Prawns
Rs.380.00 - Rs.760.00
Bombay Duck Bombil
Rs.130.00 - Rs.260.00
Black Pomfret Halwa
Rs.395.00 - Rs.785.00
Mackerel Bangda
Rawas Indian Salmon Whole
Rs.430.00 - Rs.1,170.00
Eel Baam Mananjil
Rs.425.00 - Rs.850.00
Silver Pomfret
Rs.650.00 - Rs.1,280.00
Fresh Medium Sea Prawns
Rs.76.00 - Rs.760.00
Carp Rohu Rui Tapra
Rs.165.00 - Rs.470.00
South Asian Carp Catla
Rs.250.00 - Rs.490.00
Out of stock
Sea Crab RedOut of stock
Out of stock
Mud CrabsOut of stock
Tuna Kera
Rs.225.00 - Rs.450.00
Anchovy Nethili Kollathuru
Rs.225.00 - Rs.450.00
Grouper Reef Cod Kalava
Rs.35.00 - Rs.700.00
Sea Bass Barramundi Bhetki
Rs.430.00 - Rs.1,290.00
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